MONDRIAAN’s push notification system, Pushwize, now introduces new features to support Live Activities.

Live Activities

Live Activities is the newest iOS feature that gives you real-time notifications, so you’re constantly updated with what’s happening.
With Live Activities users can stay up-to-date on all the latest information without having to unlock their iPhone at all. With a quick glimpse at the screen anyone can check the status of their home delivery, the current score of the game, or even an electric car’s charging percentage.

Enhance User Experience and Maximise User Engagement

Become a staple app for your users by presenting them with relevant information in an easily accessible format.
Capture your users’ attention and keep them engaged with dynamic feeds and real-time updates displayed right on their lock screens for up to 8 hours.

Speed and Efficiency

For live action information you cannot download the data in advance. You would need to call back every second, or minute to the server, which is a waste of resources.
MONDRIAAN overcomes this issue with Pushwize, offering lightning fast delivery of hundreds of thousands of messages within seconds on several million devices.